Executive Director’s Column


Applications open for Leadership Class of 2015

As I say each year, one of the most important thing we ask of you is to send us good people for our classes! Please encourage friends and colleagues to click here to download an application for the Leadership Class of 2015 and apply for next year’s class. The Early Bird deadline is May 2 with a final deadline of May 23.

Remember that we now have two adult programs, so counsel your associates to apply for the one that best fits them:

The Leadership Class takes established leaders and leads them through a process of learning about issues facing Fort Worth and then assessing their resources to find collaborations to make a difference on those issues. We are looking for candidates with the following qualifications:

  • Have a record of achievement in community/civic activities
  • Have demonstrated a concern for their community through active involvement
  • Have undertaken a leadership role in a decision-making capacity

For younger people or those who are just now working to become involved in civic life at a decision-making level, our new Leading Edge program is the right venue. Leading Edge will recruit in the fall for candidates who are:

  • rising stars in their career field,
  • active volunteers
  • would like to move to a leadership/decision-making level in their volunteer commitments.

Strategic Planning

The LFW Board is working hard on a strategic plan for our organization and its programs. Many of YOU have volunteered to help and we are grateful! There are five task forces starting work; if you would like to be involved, please let us know by contacting Pam Cannell at Pam.Cannell@leadershipfortworth.org. The task forces are:

I.          Fund Development Task Force (Develop a strategic funding plan that ensures quality programming)

II.          Organizational Development Task Force (Create the most effective management structure for the organization)

III.          Program Task Force (Examine and implement initiatives that will contribute to a more sustainable organization)

IV.          Public Relations – Marketing Task Force (Develop and increase the brand awareness of LFW )

V.          Alumni-Membership Task Force (Develop strategies that keep alumni engaged for a lifetime)

Annual Meeting

Don’t miss our Annual Meeting on Thursday, June 12! Come for fun and great information. You will have the opportunity to hear from the Leadership Class Issues Initiatives groups. They have done significant work in four areas this year – and there are opportunities for you to get involved. The reports will cover:

Water Conservation – The cost differential between building new reservoirs to meet demand vs. conserving the water supply we have is staggering.  This group will work with Tarrant Regional Water District to help business leaders, government leaders and citizens better participate in a sustainable water supply.

School-to-Work Connection – There are 16 Career Clusters identified by the US Department of Education.  FWISD offers structured coursework in all of those clusters in an academic setting.    How can high school students who have studied a career path for 3 years understand its relevance to the “real world?”  How can the community provide these students with the practical experience that will help guide their future career/college choices?

Mass Transit –  The T has a diverse set of products that serve many subsets of the population.  As our community grows and roadways become more congested, mass transit becomes an integral part of the transportation plan.  This group will work with The T on public transportation strategies for targeted Fort Worth locations.

Community Health – Although a significant number of Fort Worth’s children are considered obese, many are also impacted by food insecurity and hunger. For families dealing with food insecurity, availability of healthy, nutritious foods is often scarce. This group will partner with the Tarrant Area Food Bank to identify ways to increase the availability of nutritious foods in underserved areas.

Atmos Energy – Corporate Sponsor for the Leading Edge Board Shadow Program

We are most proud to announce that Atmos Energy is now the presenting sponsor for the extremely successful Board Shadow Program. Together we will be able to increase community awareness and enhance services to the shadows and their mentors. We are excited about this new partnership. We begin with our 2014-2015 Board Shadows on May 22 at the Speedboarding event to match more than 30 Shadows and non-profit organizations.

Harriet B. Harral, Ph.D.