Executive Director’s Column


2014 Harriet headshotWhat a great holiday party we had at Jeff Davis’ house! A great crowd, beautiful surroundings, super food, and curated wine – who could ask for anything more? Next event is Jan. 27 at IdeaWorks. Do you know what that is? Better come find out!

Strategic Planning Implementation

You may remember our telling you about our Strategic Planning process last year. We are now hard at work implementing it! Here are a few items that have come directly from our progress on the plan:

  • Membership programming: I hope you have noticed an event for members every month. Plan to put LFW on your calendar and participate with us!
  • Sustainability: We are doing a thorough analysis to determine how better to sustain our programs. You may not know that tuition does NOT cover the cost of the Leadership Class or Leading Edge. And, of course, LeaderKids is offered at no cost to kids who otherwise could not participate. We want LC and LE to be available to everyone, so we are looking at revenue streams in addition to tuition to offset some of the shortfall.
  • New Initiatives: We are in the research phase of determining whether to begin an Executive Orientation program for new C-level executives in town. We may be asking your thoughts on that!
  • Infrastructure: All these efforts require good organizational design. We are looking at ways to better and more efficiently staff all our programs as well as ways to better tell the LFW story.

Issues Initiatives

The 2015 Leadership Class is hard at work on this year’s Issues Initiatives identified by the Mayor and other community leaders. These initiatives involve challenging members of the Class to assess their networks, resources and expertise to see how they can make a difference on that issue. Cindy Boyd and Janelle Montgomery are providing excellent management of this process for LFW. This year the topics are:



  • Increase awareness of and participation in The T’s Master Planning process.

 The Project:

Hold three events to engage LFW alumni and the general public in surveys and other opportunities to provide community input to the Master Plan.



  • Increase opportunities for physical activity and good nutrition in the community.

 The Project:

Develop a Resources/ Best Practices packet geared toward after-school programs at community centers, including recommended activity plans, recommended food plans, and recommended resources for families.



  • Develop a grass-roots approach to increase awareness of water conservation needs and encourage behavior changes among residential water users.

The Project:

Develop a campaign and distribute through personal networks and select homeowners’ associations and community partners.



  • Increase the pool of businesses willing to offer employment opportunities for job-ready candidates experiencing homelessness
  • Provide a means for job-ready candidates to tell their stories and help them get “linked in” to job opportunities

The Project: www.IWillWork.org and www.IWillHire.org

Develop the platform of an online networking tool to connect homeless job-seekers with willing employers . This platform will feature video testimonials of success Workforce Solutions clients, as well as employer success stories and tips for success.



  • Help overcome mistrust among parents of unfamiliar “messengers,” institutions (schools) and the social service bureaucracy
  • Help make parents aware of the abundance of existing programs that share the goal of educating parents on the importance of early childhood education

The Projects:

1: A grass roots outreach initiative to the Morningside community

2: A work plan for setting up a family resource center

3: Promotion of a free app and video series targeted at parents of pre-K children

Be sure to put June 9 on your calendar for our Annual Meeting. The groups will be reporting to our membership at that time and providing ways that each of you can be involved in moving each of these issues toward a successful conclusion.

Leadership Class Recruiting

Starting in March, we will be actively recruiting for our 2016 Leadership Class. Be identifying friends, neighbors and associates who would be good participants and encourage them to apply. All the information is on the website at www.leadershipfortworth.org.

See you soon in all the ways you give leadership to Fort Worth!