Our Leadership Class addresses vital issues impacting Fort Worth by engaging established leaders in discussions and challenging them to make an impact. This nine-month program brings together a diverse group of decision-makers from across the community who want to broaden their perspectives about Fort Worth and use their resources to address identified needs.

The program features a series of topic-oriented days including health, economic development, government, education, arts & culture, human needs and transportation. The goals of this program are:

  • collaboration with other established leaders and their networks to address community issues
  • in-depth connections with people who share passions about particular issues
  • experience with group-process strategies to support collaboration
  • enhanced knowledge of the community, how it works and the needs it faces

During the program year, Leadership Class members form Issues Initiative Groups to study in depth a particular issue facing Fort Worth and create a plan to make an impact. The Issues Initiative Groups are a tangible way for class members to connect their resources and engage the LFW membership at large to address key issues. Class members spend 2–3 hours per month outside the program day working toward their initiatives. Upon completion of the program year they are encouraged to continue their involvement with their initiatives as an LFW member.

Leadership Class participants:

  • are leaders in their chosen professions, most often at the “Director” level and above
  • have a record of achievement in community/civic activities
  • have demonstrated decision-making experiences in a broad array of community boards/organizations or have been involved in a non-profit organization for many years at a volunteer-leadership level

As a result of the Leadership Class, participants are inspired to serve Fort Worth as community trustees by bringing their resources to bear for the good of the community and connecting with others to make that impact stronger. What graduates have to say about the Leadership Class.

The Leadership Class begins with a two-day retreat in September followed by eight monthly day-long sessions and a two-day closing retreat in May. Tuition for the program is $2,750 with a limited number of partial tuition waivers available depending on individual circumstances.  Click here to apply.