LeadershipForum serves the 2200+ members of Leadership Fort Worth by providing continuous leadership education, access to developments in Fort Worth, opportunities to serve the community, and connections with other LFW members.


LFW members are all those who have completed LeaderPrime, LeadershipClass or LeadingEdge. They serve in positions of influence in Fort Worth ranging from elected municipal service to non-profit board of directors to corporate leadership.

  • provide continuing leadership & community education
  • connect members with issues & volunteer efforts to affect positive change in the community
  • remain connected with LFW through member networking events
  • serve Fort Worth as community trustees

Leadership Fort Worth is built upon a model of community trusteeship that is introduced in our leadership development programs and culminates as our members remain active and engaged member for life. The goal of LeadershipForum is to provide our members with the resources and connections to continue to fulfill their roles as community leaders and stewards.

Membership Categories

  • Legacy Leaders – lifetime active membership
  • Active, dues-paying members
  • Inactive members