LeaderKids – Alumni Events and Party for Class and Alums

Organizational Contact: Mariem Harris

Mentor: Eileen Mauk

Project Assignment

The project has two parts, designed to celebrate our success and stay in touch with alumni.

Part 1

To maintain a connection with alumni, contact the Class of 2008 (now ninth graders) and invite them to participate in a community service project – Readers Theatre at the Downtown Library. This was a success in February 2008 with the Class of 2007. We would like Readers Theatre to be an annual alumni event for 9th grade LeaderKids alums. In addition, plan a new event for the Class of 2007, now 10th graders, so that we continue to maintain contact with that class.

Part 2

Plan and host a party for LKFW students and alumni – scheduled for Tuesday, March 31 at Tarrant County College, South Campus. 5:30 – 7:00 pm. The room has been reserved with Ms. Clayborn.