Non-Profit Service Center – From the Basics to Above and Beyond

Contact: Phyllis Arnold, Executive Director (Christie Kimbell)

Mentor: James Holcomb

NSC has developed BoardServe, a board match and new member training program that recruits diverse individuals from local businesses, interviews them to determine their unique skills and interests, teaches them about board responsibility and recommends them as prospective board members to nonprofits that complement their qualifications. BoardServe’s key objectives include reducing the time it takes to fill board vacancies, improving the training and understanding of board members, and most importantly improving the diversity within the board composition.

Project Description: In addition to BoardServe, and to encourage continuous board development, NSC will offer board trainings for participating nonprofits. These trainings will be offered through several topic tracks such as strategic planning, human resources and marketing. Leadership Fort Worth volunteers would help NSC and key stakeholders develop the training modules to be implemented through BoardServe and other NSC programs that focus on governance, leadership and management strategies. This could include the following activities depending on the Leadership Fort Worth volunteers’ experiences and expertise:

  • Researching local nonprofits’ specific needs to properly tailor training modules
  • Studying existing training programs in Tarrant County to fill critical gaps
  • Drafting the modules
  • Implementing the modules to evaluate their short-term effectiveness if time permits