Fort Worth Independent School District – Math and Science Initiative

Contact: Nancy Ricker

The Project: The Leadership Fort Worth class is in a unique position to influence parent and student perceptions of math and science. Because of the diversity and broad community experience of the class, members can participate in a project that will make the community aware of the District’s efforts to increase achievement in math and science, motivate and encourage students to excel, and inform parents about the initiative, “the FWISD is on Fire for Math and Science.”

The Fort Worth ISD would like to take the message of the importance of math and science to the big screen – the movie theater screen – where countless adults and children spend weekend afternoons and evenings at the movies. Prior to the feature, every movie theater shows advertisements and public service announcements designed to keep the audience busy (and purchasing refreshments) before the show begins. Instead of questions asking which movie star did what while in high school, we’d like to ask questions like “What Fort Worth ISD graduate walked on the moon?” We’d also like to put up some mathematical formulas (brain teasers) and ask the audience to solve them. Perhaps some experiments to be done at home could also be added to the screens.

Not only would this be entertaining for the audience, it would bring home the message that math and science concepts are all around us and that both subjects can be fun.

We would ask that Leadership Fort Worth develop and implement a business plan to include

  • marketing the concept to local theaters to determine receptiveness to a public service announcement or reduced cost for broadcasting the messages.
  • determining and selecting the most effective venue to reach our targeted audience
  • working with FWISD staff to develop the messages.
  • assisting FWISD staff in finding a sponsor for the messages if needed.
  • assisting staff in developing an evaluation of the effectiveness of the campaign.

A member of the FWISD parent and public engagement staff will be assigned to work with the committee to ensure successful completion of the project.

Anticipated outcome: Students will become motivated to participate in science and math activities, parents will be encouraged to help them with activities at home, and the community will learn more about the focus of the Fort Worth Independent School District.