Girls Inc. – Research for Establishment of new Girls Inc. Center

Organizational Contact: Susan Herman

Mentor: Kathy Livingston

Specific Goals to be accomplished by Leadership Fort Worth:

Our agency would benefit from assistance in identifying the best neighborhood and facility for this Center and would be grateful if Leadership Fort Worth would take this project on as a research project. Goals:

  • Find a neighborhood where the majority of girls’ families are middle income (household income of $51,700 for a family of four. Middle income figures can be found on HUD website).
  • Location should be in a residential area so we don’t need to provide transportation.
  • The Center needs permission to operate in a pre existing facility, such as a Church, recreation center, school, etc. We can pay rental fees, if necessary.
  • Should operate every day of the week or just a few days, such as Mon, Wed, and Fr. What days would the girls want?
  • Should we serve Junior High and/or High School girls? What services do they want or need? What services do their teachers or parents feel they need?
  • What hours should the program be?
  • What would it cost our agency to run this program?
  • When would we open the program and how would we market it to the girls?
  • What organizations could we collaborate with? (Universities, Women’s Organizations, Hospitals, Churches, honor societies, etc.)