Catholic Charities – Welcome the Stranger

Contact: Samantha Cheatham

Description: A volunteer campaign and marketing strategy is needed to assist Catholic Charities in building a strong volunteer base to adopt refugee families. Volunteers would assist Catholic Charities with arrival preparation and cultural orientation for refugees resettling in the Fort Worth community. Arrival preparation includes assisting with the set up of a new home, collecting food and clothing, as well as greeting refugees at DFW airport. Cultural Orientation includes educating refugees about American culture by teaching skills such as grocery shopping, financial planning, how to manage a new currency system, learning English as a second language, tutoring refugee children and educating refugee parents on the U.S. school system, teaching families how to ride the bus, escorting families on field trips to learn about the Fort Worth community and assisting refugees with citizen preparation. Catholic Charities would like for Leadership Fort Worth to develop long lasting tools for the agency to recruit essential volunteers. In addition, Leadership Fort Worth would be expected to implement the plan in schools, churches, etc. to start the volunteer recruitment process for Catholic Charities.

Leadership Fort Worth has the opportunity to assist Catholic Charities in providing help, creating hope and promoting justice in the lives of refugees, asylees and victims of trafficking that seek protection in our very own backyards. Thank you for helping Catholic Charities fulfill our mission’s call to “welcome the stranger.”