“LeaderKids was a once in a lifetime experience.  Thanks to LeaderKids I not only went to amazing places but also learned self-confidence.   I participated in things that moved me out of my comfort zone.  I would like to thank you for this amazing opportunity.”

Staysy Gonzalez
Kirkpatrick Middle School

“It was an honor to be chosen to be part of the LeaderKids program.  The program showed me different resources that I can use to be successful in preparing for the career of my choice.  The LeaderKids program has a way of making you think of what you want out of life and what you expect from the future.”

Kaci Swancy
Daggett Middle School

“Leaderkids is an outstanding program for middle school students, as it is masterfully organized and engaging.  Not only do students develop leadership skills, they learn about their community and ways to volunteer.  I have seen it make a huge difference in the lives of my students!”

Linda Fielding, CPS
Wedgwood Middle School, Intervention Specialist

“I have been working with the LeaderKids program since it began 22 years ago.  I can tell you that the students that participate in the program gain confidence and awareness of needs in our community.  One young lady in particular from my school had a hard time getting along with students and teachers.  She had 3-4 office referrals related to her behavior during 6th & 7th grade.  By the time she reached 8th grade, I saw a little potential in her and nominated her for the LeaderKids program and she was selected.  She ended up moving to another FWISD school but with help from the LeaderKids staff she was able to continue in the program.  I observed her working well with other students in the program and she had NO office referrals during 8th grade. During a trip to her high school last year I discovered that she was a cheerleader for her school and doing very well in her school work and behavior. I’m so proud of her and glad that she was helped by participating in Leaderkids. Thank you!”

Angela Griffin-Jones, LSW
Morningside Middle School, Intervention Specialist

“In LeaderKids students learn principles and tools that equip them for future academic and career opportunities.  Their motivation and zeal is refreshing and energizing.  Their enthusiasm is contagious.  They are learning to take ownership of their circumstances and their decisions.”

Charlie Erwin
Freese and Nichols, Inc.
LeaderKids Volunteer

“Thank you for the great partnership with LeaderKids!  Each year I am more and more excited about all that the program offers the 8th graders and our TCU mentors!” 

Tyler Fisher
Assistant Director, TCU Leadership Center
Student Development Services

“LeaderKids participants are provided with a variety of career presentations to foster interest in a future career and volunteer opportunities to assist in the improvement of their community.  The feedback received from students, parents and staff has been overwhelmingly positive, assisting students with envisioning a future for themselves.”  

Vicki Warren, Director
Intervention Services

“I have had the privilege of working with LeaderKids in Fort Worth, Texas for the past four years.  LeaderKids provides an tremendous opportunity for middle school youth to learn leaderships skills, organizational planning, community service needs and partner with local business volunteers.  The students have an opportunity to learn more about their community and how they can play a part in making it even better.  The community service projects have included renovating school playgrounds, creating a sustainable vegetable garden for an elementary school and a local student inspired community art project.  LeaderKids has phenomenal leadership and community volunteers that not only have a passion for the community, but have an unparalleled desire to inspire the next generation!”

Daniel G. Merchant, MAMFC, MACE, LPC
Former Intervention Specialist with FWISD

During his senior year 2015-2016, Luis Sanchez was active in service. He started a fundraiser that raised hundreds of dollars for Asante Sana 4 Education, an organization that provides education for students in Tanzania. https://www.asantesanaforeducation.com/

Crystal Mercer, LPC-s, LMFT
Intervention Specialist, Trimble Tech High School

Trimble Tech Freshman Lance Minor has already started his high school career on a service-oriented note.  He has joined several organization including Student Council and FOR Club.  Lance is Secretary of the Freshman Class.

Crystal Mercer, LPC-s, LMFT
Intervention Specialist, Trimble Tech High School

It’s been amazing to take part in the LeaderKids program for the last 3 years. As a community leader I have seen the work that this program has provided for the students that are selected to attend.  The program teaches the students leadership, team building and life lesson skills that will shape their core values and help them be successful adults and the leaders of tomorrow.

Rattana Mao
Comerica Bank
LeaderKids volunteer