“An absolutely wonderful program!  LeaderPrime afforded me the opportunity to meet and begin building relationships with other Fort Worth industry leaders in three days that would have taken me years to do.  I learned how instrumental Fort Worth’s Private Public relationships are to Fort Worth’s success as the city continues to grow and serve its citizens.  This is the power of the program and the unique spirit of Fort Worth.  O couldn’t give a stronger recommendation to anyone invited to be a part of LeaderPrime.”

– Martin Lehman

“The Leader Prime class was a wonderful experience for me.  As a native Fort Worthian yet a newcomer to the Fort Worth business community it gave me an appreciation for our wonderful community. I enjoyed meeting other fellow Fort Worth Business leaders.  The class created a greater pride in my community and the amazing things Fort Worth has to offer. The class gave me a greater appreciation of the collaborative efforts between city leaders, private business and community organizations. I would strongly recommend the LeaderPrime program to business leaders.  The experience will be invaluable to you personally and professionally.”

– Susan Adams

“My experience going through the inaugural class of LeaderPrime was fantastic.  The entire program was well planned, purposeful, timely and extremely impactful to myself and family.  I have always loved the unique culture of Fort Worth and have had the desire to be more involved.  Working with the LeaderPrime team, I learned that the culture is not by accident but very purposefully garnered through a fantastic history of private/public collaboration.  The program taught us that very collaboration model by providing fantastic networking, opportunities to be involved and long lasting relationships.  This vehicle has given the opportunity for myself and family to be more involved in the city and help become a culture shepherd of the future.”

– Clint Abernathy