Our Leadership Class engages established leaders in discussions with key city leaders and by challenging them to make an impact by working together to address vital issues impacting Fort Worth. The nine-month program brings together a diverse group of decision-makers from across the community who want to broaden their perspectives about Fort Worth and use their resources to address significant issues.

The program features a series of sector-focused days including: health, economic development, government, education, arts & culture, human needs, infrastructure and justice that provide insight into how Fort Worth operates. In addition, the program provides participants with opportunities to:

  • collaborate with other established leaders and their networks to address community issues
  • form in-depth connections with people who share a passion to make Fort Worth a better community
  • experience group-process strategies that support collaboration and are transferrable to most work and community environments
  • build enhanced knowledge of the Fort Worth community, how it works and the needs it faces

During the program year, Leadership Class members form Issues Initiative Teams to study a particular challenge facing a Fort Worth non-profit or community and create a solution to help address it. The Issues Initiative Teams are a tangible way for class members to collaboratively connect their networks of resources to address key community challenges. Class members spend 1.5-2 hours each program day and 2-3 hours per month outside of class time collaborating on their initiatives. Upon completion of the program year, they are encouraged to continue their involvement with their initiatives as an LFW Forum member.


  • are leaders in their chosen professions, most often at the “Director” level and above.
  • have a record of achievement in community/civic activities.
  • have demonstrated decision-making experiences in a broad array of community boards/organizations or have been involved in a non-profit organization for many years at a volunteer-leadership level.

As a result of completing the Leadership Class, participants are inspired to serve Fort Worth as Community Trustees by bringing their resources to bear for the good of the community and connecting with others to make their impact even stronger.


Tuition for the program is $2,750 with a limited number of partial tuition waivers available designed to assist non-profits and small businesses. Click here to apply.


  • Love the program and will be recommending it to others.
  • This really was one of the best professional experiences I have had. I cannot say enough good about the very rigorous program!
  • It is a great program and one that fostered powerful working relationships.
  • Loved the program. Would recommend to others.


  • Networking and expanding my contacts and knowledge of Fort Worth.
  • My own personal development was extraordinary! Through this program, I am now an external vs. internal facing executive!
  • Increased awareness of platforms that helped me to narrow my focus and passion and put together a plan of action for the future.
  • Learning about Fort Worth. The tours, the meetings in different places forced me to get out of my own backyard.



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