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LeadershipClass Program Days

Get Acquainted Social

Meet and greet fellow participants; organize to explore Fort Worth’s rich, diverse history.

Opening Retreat

Enjoy a unique tour of Fort Worth and learn about its rich, diverse and vibrant history. Gain experience in group process techniques and join teams that will work to address key issues across the city.

Community Trusteeship

Learn what it means to become a community trustee in the context of learning about historical figures who have served Fort Worth in this role. Develop a vision for Fort Worth’s future.

Government & Economic Development

Learn about many of our key leaders and how Fort Worth and Tarrant County governments operate. Gain insights into historical and future economic development efforts.

Human Needs

Explore how Fort Worth is addressing its less fortunate citizens and the many ways we all can help improve their day-to-day experience.


Explore educational partnerships that strengthen public education in Fort Worth/Tarrant County


Understand more about how the justice system in Fort Worth and Tarrant County operates and the challenges it faces.


Explore the infrastructure challenges and opportunities throughout the North Texas area


Examine Fort Worth’s healthcare system and understand its leadership achievements and future challenges.

Arts & Culture

Learn about the history, current state and future vision of Fort Worth’s arts and culture scene.

Closing Retreat

Celebrate successes and begin your journey as Fort Worth Community Trustees.

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