What Alumni Say About LeadingEdge


“Leading Edge offers young professionals two incredible opportunities; to build relationships with like-minded individuals and to learn how we can partner toward a better future for the city we all love. It is truly an irreplaceable experience!”

Carley Moore 
Realtor – Coldwell Banker

“Leading Edge delivered more than I expected. I had always been involved in local organizations, but I was never sure how to take on a leadership role. Leading Edge gave me that opportunity, taught me the tools to be a successful leader and shared with me great insight about my community. Thanks to Leading Edge, I’m confident that I’ll be a contributing leader in Fort Worth in the years to come.”

Jacob Fain 
Attorney – Wick, Phillips, Gould & Martin LLP

“Participating in Leading Edge was one the most valuable professional experiences I have enjoyed since joining United Way. It deepened my love of Fort Worth, strengthened my leadership skills, exposed me to community leaders, and I made lifelong friends.”

Cassie McQuitty 
Vice President – United Way

“Leading Edge is more than just a learning opportunity about different styles of leadership. The program affords you the chance to meet other young professionals from all over Tarrant County, learn more about Fort Worth’s history, but more importantly some of its deficiencies and potential ways to address those issues. The Board Shadow Program is also a great bridge for you to work your way into the civic arena.”

Jake Richter
Financial Advisor – Edward Jones

“For those who have a desire to learn about and to serve the Fort Worth community, Leading Edge is a must! Through interactive sessions with civic leaders, collaborative work groups and panel discussions, Leading Edge provides a comprehensive approach to teaching one how to be a leader. Through Leading Edge, I was able to meet a diverse group of professionals who I have worked collaboratively with on various projects to help improve our communities. Specifically, as a result of my participation in Leading Edge, I was asked to serve on two local boards: the Fort Worth Commission for Women and Courage & Renewal of North Texas. I couldn’t have made these connections without my participation in the Leading Edge program. Every day I put Leadership Fort Worth practices to use. Whether it’s through building relationships with colleagues I met in Leading Edge or through utilizing the principles we learned in the program, Leadership Fort Worth has proven to be an invaluable experience.”

Casey Dyer,
Director of Alumni Relations & External Affairs – Texas Wesleyan University School of Law

“The Leading Edge program provided an opportunity to network with my peer leaders while learning more about Cowtown’s past, present and future. As an alumni, I continue to be exposed to these unique opportunities and would highly recommend the program to anyone looking to get involved.”

Beth Zemkoski
Global IT Training Analyst – Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

Single Greatest Impact from Your Experience

  • I felt that I was able to hone in on my leadership skills and focus on the areas that needed improvement.
  • The opportunity to interface with boards and that a contact at the City of FW got involved in roles was spectacular.
  • Expanding my network to young adults with a similar love of Fort Worth, desire to become a better leader, and opportunity to be “change agents” in the future.
  • The opportunity to practice leadership skills within a group of like-minded individuals who sincerely want to see Fort Worth become a better place to live each year.
  • Exposure to the diversity of the other program members. I think it is very easy and pretty typical to get consumed with your specific industry or cause. Being exposed to the diversity of the group was very enjoyable and educational.
  • Learning how to incorporate my personal values into the creation and implementation of organizational change.
  • Meeting lots of great Fort Worth folks who share a similar vision of leading the community to new heights.
  • Networking with other leaders in the community and finding out about other opportunities for leadership in Fort Worth.