Committed to Impact

LeadershipClass is a nine-month program that exposes established leaders to the diverse needs and issues facing the community and enables them to become Community Trustees of Fort Worth’s future. The program features a series of sector-focused days that provide insight into how Fort Worth operates.


Listen, Care and Lead form the foundation for skill development. In addition, we provide opportunities to develop in the areas of Adaptive Leadership; Collaboration/Team-building; Relationship Building; Networking; Project Management; Presentation / Communication Skills.


  • Exposes established leaders to the diverse needs and issues in the community

  • Creates connections between leaders related to those issues, and develops relationships to move projects forward

  • Enhances community leadership capabilities through group processes

  • Aligns personal passions and resources with vital issues to be addressed through Issues Initiatives


Tuition for the LeadershipClass of 2024 is $3,500. Participating in Leadership Fort Worth requires a commitment of time and resources. For a dynamic program experience for all participants, Leadership Fort Worth ensures that leaders from every industry are represented. Through donor support, we extend partial tuition waivers to program participants who work for 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations or are part of a small business. You may request a partial tuition waiver in your application which is due each year on June 30.


The LeadershipClass program begins in September with an opening retreat and concludes in June with a closing retreat. Program days occur once or twice a month on Thursdays between 9:00am and 4:00pm. Attendance is required at the opening and closing retreats.

  • 9/7/2023
  • 9/21/2023
  • 9/22/2023
  • 10/12/2023
  • 10/26/2023
  • 11/16/2023
  • 12/7/2023
  • 1/18/2024
  • 2/22/2024
  • 3/21/2024
  • 4/18/2024
  • 5/2/2024
  • 5/9/2024

For more information, please contact:
Sara Fairley, MA
Program Director – LeadershipClass and LeadingEdge

Applications for LeadershipClass 2025 will open Spring 2024.


A unique element of the LeadershipClass program is the execution of Issues Initiative projects performed by participant teams that positively impact the Fort Worth Community.

The community’s issues of concern are identified in conjunction with community leaders and other content experts. Teams of (8-12 depending on class size) class members work together throughout the program year using a structured approach to develop solutions that will ultimately be presented to key community stakeholders. These strategic projects allow all class members to gain in-depth knowledge about a specific community problem, interact with those most involved with that issue, and connect their resources and networks to make a positive difference.


  • Augment a local nonprofit's staffing with talented volunteer resources that help them address an issue that they could not otherwise tackle

  • Establish clear objectives and specific, tangible outcomes that will benefit the community

  • Deliver data-based solutions

  • Engage external resources in a meaningful way

  • Provide knowledge transfer of the solution, including key steps for sustainability, to the nonprofit and its key stakeholders



    Early Childhood Education
    Challenge: Raising awareness within the business community on the importance and impact of early childhood education
    Goal: Localize and personalize a business case on why childcare & early education matter.
    Deliverable: Media campaign
    Create a packet on why childcare & early education matter
    Create business and community advocates to be part of the discussion of why childcare & early education matter to our community.

  • 2018-2019: BOARD DEVELOPMENT TRAINING - LFW and United Way Tarrant County

    Challenge: To market a new world-class board training and matching program to untapped and eager community members.
    Outcome: Created a marketing strategy to recruit businesses, nonprofits, and individuals to participate in a world-class board development program that yields a large pipeline of high-quality, diverse leaders, as well as a mechanism for matching these candidates to open positions on nonprofit boards of directors.


    Fort Worth Veteran Professionals
    The problem: Highly qualified veterans experience difficulty obtaining jobs because many employers hold multiple stereotypes.
    Innovative intervention: Created and piloted a high-level employer presentation and handout materials, including a customizable brochure.

  • 2016-2017 : SPACE-SHARING - Matching UNDERUTILIZED Churches with Social Service Programs

    Partners for Sacred Places & MHMR Early Childhood Intervention
    The problem: Social service delivery works best in a non-threatening, convenient, and familiar location. Today, many churches are dying; more often than not, there is unused space – also, you can find a church in nearly every neighborhood.
    Innovative intervention: MHMR's Early Childhood services will be delivered in four churches across the city.

  • 2015-2016: MICRO-PARKS

    the challenge year 2015-2016

    Near Southside, Inc.
    Developed a model micro-park in the Near Southside. For sustainability, created and distributed a how-to guide for use by neighborhood groups, property developers, and others.