50TH Anniversary Campaign Update

We ended our 50th anniversary year on a high note by not only achieving our $50,000 fundraising goal but exceeding it! This incredible achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of our dedicated community. As we celebrate this milestone, we want to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who played a role in making this happen.

Celebrating Impact

The funds raised will have a profound impact on our organization’s ability to fulfill its mission. In reaching our fundraising goal, we have not only met a financial target but have also strengthened the bonds of our community. Thank you to each and every individual who contributed to this success. Your support is the driving force behind our mission, and we are excited to embark on the next chapter of our journey together. Here’s to the power of community and the positive change we can achieve when we come together.

Total raised
$53,990 + $50,000 match from Amon G. Carter Foundation = $103,990

Thank you to our donors!

Robert and Sara Allen, LC2006

Thane Arther, Former Staff


Dr. Whitnee Boyd, LC2020

Jason Byrne, LC2016

Nydia Cardenas, LC2023

Frida Casta├▒eda Lom├│naco, LE2023

Jesus Chapa, LC1999

Anita & Vincent Craig

Michelle Crim, LC2010

Steven Daniell, LC2011

Sarina Lora Davidson, LE2022

Glenda Diaz, LC2023

Megan Dobbertien, LE2022

Natalia Dominguez, LC2022

Alicia Duran, LC2013

Martha A. Earngey, LC2007

William Fairley, LC2010

Ayesha Ganguly, Former Staff

Dianna Giordano, LC2023

Ramon Guajardo, Jr., LC2012

Ramon Guajardo, Sr., LC1975

Angela Hall, LC2018

Jane Hardwick, LC1984

Mariem Harris, LC1995

Joy Ann Havran, LC1989

Simeon Henderson, LC2020

Paul Hissin, LC2018

Laura Hutyra, LC2020

Rae Hyatt, LC1978

Dr. Tina Jenkins, LC2018

Reggie Jennings, LE2022

Anthony Johnson, LC2023

Jennifer Kamacioglu, LC2005

Janice Knebl, LC1992

Mary Lanzara, LC1985

Veronica Chavez Law, LC1999

Marti Lawrence, LC2017

Veronica Chavez Law, LC1999

Marti Lawrence, LC2017

Erma Lee, LC2023

Peyton Salavarria Lehrer, LE2017

Jeff Curtis Lovejoy, LC2022

Harry Dombroski, LP2019

David Mack & Cathy Weeks, LC2014

Netty Matthews, LC1996

Angelique McCall, LE2022

Tom and Jessica McCraw, LC1981

Christina Moore

Dr. Christine Moranetz, LC2010

Rosa Navejar, LC1996

Rand Otten, LC2019

Dr. Ajith Pai, LP2023

Gwen Perez, LC2009

Anthony Placencio, LC2021

Ben Robertson, LC2017

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Robertson, LC2018

Betsy Romero, LC2003

Willie Sublet III, LC2023

Dean A. Tetirick, LC1987

Carlene Thomas-King, LC2023

Jan Titsworth, LC1998

Jennifer Trevino, LC2009

John Vallance, LC2010

Carlela Vogel, LC1979

Valerie Washington, LC2017

Greg Wescott,

Jim Whitton, LC1985

Chris Wilde, LP2022

Dante Williams, LC2022

Lyn Willis, LC2007

Dr. Erin Wilson, LC2023

Drenda Witt, LC1986