LeadershipClass Issues Initiative 2012-2013

A unique element of LeadershipClass is the execution of Issues Initiative projects performed by participant teams that positively impact the Fort Worth Community.

These carefully identified strategic projects allow all class members to gain in-depth knowledge about a specific community problem, to interact with those most involved with that issue and to connect their resources and networks to make a positive difference.

Issues of concern in the community are identified in conjunction with the mayor and other content experts. Teams of (8-12 depending on class size) class members work together throughout the program year using a structured approach to develop solutions that will ultimately be presented to key community stakeholder audiences and the LFW Forum membership.


The goals of the LFW Issues Initiatives are to complete high-impact projects that:
Augment a local non-profit’s staffing with talented volunteer resources that help them address an issue that they could not otherwise tackle
Establish clear objectives and specific, tangible outcomes that will clearly benefit the community
Deliver solutions that are data-based (research component)
Engage external resources (sources from class member networks) in a meaningful way
Provide knowledge transfer of the solution, including key steps for sustainability, to the non-profit and its key stakeholders


What will be different in our community because of each Issues Initiative project?Is the plan realistic? Are the results tangible? Will the results stick?

TRANSPORTATION: City of Fort Worth

Worked in conjunction with the city on Tex Rail.

EDUCATION: Leadership Fort Worth

Engaged Leader Kids alumni as a beta group to address stay in school concerns.

HEALTH: Tarrant County Public Health

Implemented a water bottle project in elementary schools.

HUMAN NEEDS: Directions Home
Worked with Directions Home on employment for the homeless.

ARTS: Fort Worth Arts Council

Developed a report for the arts council addressing sustainability concerns and solutions

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