LFW Alumni in FWHCC Latino Leaders & Emerging Leaders Lists

Leadership Fort Worth is in good company as we celebrate our 50th anniversary.  The Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is also celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2023.  On June 14, they announced two lists – “50 Emerging Latino Leaders” and “50 Latino Leaders” – who will be featured in a special publication this fall to commemorate this milestone.  LFW is a proud member of the FWHCC and we are thrilled to join them in recognizing so many Leadership Fort Worth alumni who are represented in each group.  These leaders represent decades of service, leadership, passion and commitment to Fort Worth and include our very own Executive Director, Jennifer Treviño.

“As someone who has lived and worked in Fort Worth for nearly 22 years, it’s a tremendous honor to be recognized as one of the 50 Latino Leaders named by the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I have been fortunate to work with the chamber throughout my career and have crossed paths and collaborated with many of the individuals being recognized. These lists are a testament to the strong leadership working to make our community better and the depth and breadth of the pipeline of leaders willing to serve. Congratulations to the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on their 50th anniversary and congratulations to ALL the leaders being celebrated for their contributions as well!” 

 Jennifer Treviño

Alfred Saenz, LeadershipClass 1995
Anette Landeros, LeadingEdge 2011 & LeaderPrime 2023
Assistant chief Julie Swearingin, LeadershipClass 2014
Carlos De La Torre, LeadershipClass 1994
Councilman Carlos Flores, LeadershipClass 2008
Dan Villegas, LeadershipClass 1996
Dr. Elva Concha LeBlanc, LeadershipClass 2008
Dr. Jacinto Ramos, LeaderPrime 2022
Estela Martinez, LeadershipClass 2021
Jennifer Treviño, LeadershipClass 2009
Jesus Chapa, LeadershipClass 1999
John Avila, Leadership Fellow 2005
John Hernandez, LeaderPrime 2016
Jon Gabriel, LeadingEdge 2012
Joseph DeLeon, LeadershipClass 2009
Judge Manuel Valdez, LeadershipClass 1984
Judge Sergio De Leon, LeadershipClass 2004
Michael Dimas, LeadershipClass 2014
Ramon Guajardo Sr. , LeadershipClass 1975
Robert Fernandez, LeadershipClass 1985
Rosa Navejar, LeadershipClass 1996
Sandra Garcia, LeadershipClass 2015

Adrian Galvan, LeaderPrime 2021
Cristal Galvan, LeaderPrime 2021
Crystal Alba, LeadershipClass 2023
Daisy Valk-Lopez, LeadingEdge 2022
Glenda Diaz, LeadershipClass 2023
Jeanette Martinez, LeadingEdge 2018 & LeadershipClass 2023
Jesse Herrera, LeadingEdge 2014
Jessica Perez, LeadershipClass 2022
Jonathan Perez, LeadershipClass 2021
Mirgitt Crespo, LeadershipClass 2019
Rachel Navejar Phillips, LeadingEdge 2010
Rosa Maria Berdeja, LeadershipClass 2022
Sarina Lora Davidson, LeadingEdge 2022
Tanisia Castillo-Queppet, LeadershipClass 2022
Viviana Mendez, LeadingEdge 2022