LeaderKids Community Service Project

LeaderKids Community Service Project

An excellent year with the wonderful students in LeaderKids Class of 2022 came to a close on Tuesday, April 19. Along with their TCU mentors, led by Sarah Bradley and Will Carter, and LFW volunteers, LeaderKids completed their Community Service Project at Hazel Harvey Peace Elementary School. Various projects that they designed, developed, and implemented during the past 4 months came to life at this FWISD campus!

LeaderKids enhanced the indoor learning environment with a Calming Room so peaceful and quiet it can transport elementary school students on flights of fantasy to outer space.

LeaderKids improved the courtyard setting with an outdoor classroom, complete with a weatherproof blackboard, bookshelf, teacher’s bench, student benches, and a colorful tropical mural beneath the watchful gaze of the PANTHER school mascot. Nearby, fun activities were created for TWISTER, PANTHER FOUR SQUARE, and DON’T TOUCH THE LAVA!

LeaderKids greatly appreciated their artist consultants: John Gunderson, Ruben Orozco, and Levell Turner (Art Teacher); and carpenters and contractors extraordinaire: Allan Barr, Paul Harral, Jon Wilcox, Kippen de Alba Chu, and Ben Marr. LeaderKids were expertly guided from initial planning to project management to final execution by their team of Fidelity Cares volunteers: Lawrence Ewell (Lead), Velma Coleman, Patti Cox, Sheryl Rogers, and Eryn Sporl. LeaderKids also appreciated the support of the Hazel Harvey Peace staff: Dr. Kelli Taulton (Principal), Dr. Melonee Harris (Assistant Principal), Ms. Andrea Sadler (School Secretary), and Mr. Carl Woodard (Custodian).

School Board Trustee Ms. Ann Darr visited the campus and toured the projects. She thanked the LeaderKids for embracing their community with a spirit of generosity. She expressed the hope that the elementary students at Hazel Harvey Peace who will enjoy these projects will be inspired to follow in LeaderKids’ footsteps and become community volunteers in the future.

Everyone celebrated with hamburgers from The Hamburger Man and ice cream served by Annabelle from Blackberry Winter Creamery.

Mission accomplished by LeaderKids Class of 2022!