LeaderKids Meeting – March 22 South Main Street Crawl

LeaderKids Meeting – March 22 South Main Street Crawl

At our March meeting LeaderKids toured 6 businesses on South Main Street. This busy Corridor is a main thoroughfare of the near southside of the city – with a variety of businesses, restaurants and residences – it’s a vibrant and colorful place!

We met entrepreneurs and heard firsthand how their businesses work, what education prepared them for their chosen career, why they enjoy what they do, and why they enjoy being on South Main Street. This was a realworld learning experience for our students.

We visited:

  • Leaves Book & Tea Shop where we were hosted by owner Tina Howard
  • Amphibian Theater where we were hosted by Kathleen Culebro
  • Red Production – A Creative, Full-Service Video Production Company owned by Red Sanders
  • Starr Conspiracy Advertising Agency where we were hosted by Erin Swan & Alexandra Felgar
  • Dusty Biscuit Beignets owned by Trey Smith
  • Tinie’s Mexican Restaurant where we were hosted by one of the owners, Sarah Castillo

Keys to success at these businesses are passion for their chosen career, dedication to the needs of the business, and high energy exerted by the owners.

Our hosts told our students that when hiring, they look for people who have good character, demonstrate a positive outlook, and believe in themselves. LeaderKids were reminded to be careful about decisions they make, because those decisions can have lasting consequences and may need to be disclosed on job applications.

“Words of Wisdom” offered to LeaderKids during our South Main Tours:

  1. Do what you are passionate about – do what you like to do.
  2. Be yourself. You are responsible for your success.
  3. Never stop learning. Read and study every day to improve your business with new ideas.
  4. Surround yourself with good people because no one knows everything, and everyone contributes a unique perspective.
  5. Don’t be afraid to fail. You learn from your successes and from your failures.
  6. Give back to and re-invest in the community where you live.

The last part of our meeting was spent working on our service project. Our Fidelity Project Management experts and TCU Mentors helped us with the final plans for our service project at Hazel Harvey Peace elementary. The students completed supply lists for each project and assigned work responsibilities.

We were treated to a delicious dinner which included chicken and carnitas tacos on flour tortillas, chips and guacamole furnished by Sarah Castillo, one of our business hosts. She was our host at Tinie’s Mexican Restaurant and also owns Taco Heads. Our meal came from that restaurant.

Thank you to all our South Main Street partners. This meeting was an interesting, educational and fun learning experience!!!