CONGRATULATIONS LFW Alumni FWBP 40 Under 40 Honorees

The 40 Under 40 Awards are celebrated to recognize the brilliance on the rise up, 40 honorees each year, all under the age of 40, destined for significant accomplishments in their chosen field, from the corporate sector to maverick entrepreneurialism.

Jenni Barnett, LeadingEdge 2018

Shannon Bearden, LeaderPrime 2023

Avery Elander, LeadershipClass 2021

David Fishel, LeadingEdge 2016

Adam Fulkerson, LeadingEdge 2012

Laura Hutyra, LeadershipClass 2020

Courtney Leaverton, LeadingEdge 2017

Sajade Miller, LeaderPrime 2022

Travis Patterson, LeadingEdge 2015

Willie RankinJr., LeadingEdge 2019

Kristina Robertson, LeadershipClass 2018

Jared Sloane, LeadingEdge 2018

Karin Taylor, LeadingEdge 2017