LeaderKids Afternoon at the Museum

LeaderKids Afternoon at the Museum

LeaderKids toured the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History on Tuesday, February 22. Leadership Fort Worth Executive Director Ms. Jennifer Trevino welcomed students. She introduced Ms. Amber Shive, Museum Senior Director of Education, our gracious host for the day. Ms. Shive screened a video introducing Museum Chief of Staff, Mr. Kippen de Alba Chu, who oversees all aspects of operations at the Museum. Mr. de Alba Chu met students later and joined the group for supper.

Then Ms. Shive introduced Ms. Leishawn Spotted Bear. She began as a volunteer at the Museum and is now Director of Science Collections. She introduced Simon, the softshell turtle, and Bob, the snapping turtle. She shared interesting information about the Museum and answered questions.

Next Ms. Shive gave LeaderKids free time to explore various exhibits, including DinoDig, Energy Blast, Innovation Studios, and the Cattle Raisers Museum. Since the Museum was closed to the public that afternoon, LeaderKids had these exhibits all to themselves! Afterward students enjoyed a presentation in the Noble Planetarium.

LeaderKids returned to the Oak Room and assembled into their project groups, assisted by their TCU mentors and Fidelity Cares volunteer facilitators. They collaborated with artists, carpenters, and consultants to develop plans for the service project at Hazel Harvey Peace Elementary School on Tuesday, April 19. LeaderKids appreciated the snacks, drinks, and supper provided by the Museum staff.

Dedicated to lifelong learning, it is the mission of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History to engage visitors through creative, vibrant programs and exhibits, interpreting the science and history of Texas and the Southwestern United States. Mission accomplished with the LeaderKids Class of 2022!